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Together with a very well-trained and experienced team of medical assistants and medical technical radiology assistants, we pursue the objective of providing patient-oriented diagnostic services without long waiting times.


For that purpose, we have been continuously expanding our medical staff. Low staff turnover is considered to be a quality criteria and a confirmation of that.

The practice management actively supports on-the-job further training courses, which are also regarded to be a self-evident obligation for the doctors.

Team Anmeldung
Our reception team

By means of flexible opening hours, self-organisation of services and creation of home workstations for typists, the practice wants to support families.

The desire to start a family and professional development should remain compatible.

Team MRT
Our MRI team

Team MRT
Our MRI team


Team CT
Our CT team

Team Bestrahlung
Our radiation therapy team

Team Röntgen
Our team of the X-ray department
Team NUK
Our nuclear medicine team
Team Mammographie
Our mammography team
Team PRT
Our PRT team
Team Buchhaltung
Our team of the accounting department
Team Schreibbüro
Our team of the secretary’s office
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