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Nuclear medicine renal scan

Special information on this examination

Indications (reason for examination):

  • clarification of high blood pressure that can be caused by the kidneys
  • analysis of the function of every kidney separately and of the overall function in case of such diseases as
  • cirrhosis of the kidney
  • malposition of the kidneys with or without the obstruction of the urine flow
  • disturbances of urine flow with backflow (reflux) or retention (e.g. )
  • result control after urinary tract surgery
  • functional analysis of a kidney transplant
  • after kidney injuries
  • prior to certain surgeries


In the evening prior to the examination you should drink 2 litres, in the morning before the examination - at least 1 litre of fluid.

All blood pressure medications should not be taken on the day of examination. After the examination you can continue taking them. If the examination is performed in order to clarify high blood pressure, you should consult the practice regarding the medications.

The patient should not fast, except for the clarification of high blood pressure.

Eexamination procedure

A radioactively marked substance (mercaptoacetyltriglycine, MAG 3) is injected into a vein of a patient in a sitting or lying position and the radioactive curves going through both kidneys are recorded by means of a gamma camera for about 20 minutes. Finally, single images of the urinary tract and kidneys or delayed images in case of impaired excretion are eventually taken.

  • Activity: about 100 - 130 MBq
  • Duration of the examination: about 1-2 hours

Special approach

  • for clarification of high blood pressure, captopril (high blood pressure medication) and lasix (diuretic) will be administered orally an hour before the beginning of the examination
  • in case of obstruction of the urine flow, lasix will be injected in the middle of the examination, in order to be able to evaluate the extent of the obstruction.

Finally, the evaluation of functional curves with corrections according to the age and body surface is made.

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