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Diagnostic Neuroradiology

Experts in diseases of the head, spine and peripheral nervous system

Neuroradiology has emerged as a specialisation of general radiology and deals with the representation of the nervous system and its membranes, including in particular, the brain and the head, the spinal cord and spine as well as the peripheral nervous system.For imaging we use computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, including a series of special techniques for angioplasty, blood flow measurement, chemical analysis, functional representation and tissue characterisation.

The goals of imaging are, among others:

  • The early detection of pathological changes such as vascular constrictions (stenoses)
  • The clarification of neurological symptoms
  • The exact type diagnosis of tumours and inflammation
  • Therapeutic monitoring of diseases of the nervous system

Your specialist

If you have any further queries, please contact our neuroradiologist Prof. Nölte. He will provide expert advice to you in a competent manner.


In most cases, the costs are covered by health insurances and insurance companies. We ask that you speak to us or your consulting doctor about covering these costs.

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