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Orthovoltage therapy (stimulating X-ray therapy)

Painful degenerative-inflammatory benign diseases of the joints and tendons can be treated by means of conventional X-ray radiation = stimulating X-ray therapy.

This therapy has a pain-relieving effect only. In does not influence the underlying illness. For that reason, a success cannot be always guaranteed. The therapy can start at the first appointment, if a reliable diagnosis has been made. It is typical to carry out 2 cycles consisting of 6 single irradiations. A cycle includes 2 irradiations a week carried out during the course of 3 weeks. The next cycle, which is carried out in an absolutely similar form, follows in 2 months, the last cycle begins in 3 months.

Due to the fact that this therapy involves X-radiation, the indication must be set very strictly. The patient should be at least 50 years old. Alternative treatments, physical therapy, medications or surgery should be previously discussed with the referring physician.

Before the beginning of X-radiation therapy, the patient will be given an information sheet, where all the important issues are dwelled upon once again.

We irradiate:

  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • hip
  • knee
  • tarsus or heel

It is not allowed to expose fingers and forefeet to irradiation, because it can damage the small vessels.

What should you pay attention to?

No preparations on the part of the patient will be required. Due to very low dosage, serious side effects cannot be expected.

During the irradiation, the skin of the irradiated region cannot be irritated, for example, through massages or other stress. Cortisone should not be injected into the region. You can continue taking pain-relieving medications.

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