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Nuclear medicine parathyroid scan

Special information on this examination

In general, behind the thyroid there are four pea-sized epithelial bodies, also described as parathyroid glands. These are endocrine glands (parathyroid hormone) important for the calcium and phosphate household. However, dispersed gland units are also very common.

Indication: searching for a parathyroid adenoma in case of the so-called hyperparathyroidism. By means of a gamma camera, high-resolution two-dimensional images of the thyroid region and upper part of the chest and also SPECT images are taken at different points in time.

Examination procedure

Up to four hours after injecting the pharmaceutical, images are taken by means of the gamma camera at different points in time. An hour after injecting radioactive material, SPECT images will be additionally taken.

During the interval between the recordings, an ultrasound examination of the thyroid is performed, if it is required. Finally, one more thyorid scintigram is made. In this way, the whole examination takes about five hours.

Radioactive material

  • Activity of parathyroid scintigraphy with Tc99m-MIBI: about 500 MBq
  • Activity of parathyroid scintigraphy with Tc99m: about 37 to 74 MBq in adults

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