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RaDiagnostiX - Prostata -

Quality programme for the diagnosis of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common malignant tumour affecting men. Prostate cancer screening is thus very important. Early detection of a tumour, its characteristics and its level of proliferation are crucial for the optimal decision on treatment as well as for effective planning of operation and radiation treatment to avoid complications and recurrences.

mpMRT- the new imaging diagnostics in prostate diagnosis

As radiologists in the radiology network in Germany (Radiologienetz Deutschland) we are working hand in hand together with urologists to improve prostate diagnosis for you even further. In so doing, our quality assurance is unique. We provide you with the patient-friendly quality programme RaDiagnostiX. Technically, we draw upon a new, but evidence-based and above all very accurate imaging method for tumour detection and characterisation: the multi-parametric magnetic resonance tomography (mpMRT) . As well as from conventional examination sequences, we carry out specific analyses that affect the tumour biology. The mpMRT complements diagnostics performed by urologists in cases of suspected prostate cancer. This is a great advantage for you as a patient in order to be able to identify the most aggressive cancer focus together with your urologist, because this essentially determines further treatment. In addition, the MRI examination is completely radiation-free.

Better care through painless diagnosis

This mpMRT examination takes about 40 minutes. During the examination you will lie comfortably in the supine position. In many cases, the mpMRT increases the diagnostic accuracy significantly, whereby unnecessary multiple biopsies (tissue sampling) can be avoided. In addition, the aggressiveness of a tumour can be assessed much more precisely using mpMRT. This is important in order be able to introduce environmental diagnostics prior to a planned, e.g. surgical, treatment decision in a more targeted way. Ultimately, the risk of over-treatment of clinically non-relevant tumours (less aggressive tumours) can be reduced by foregoing an operation and the tumour can instead be actively monitored (Active Surveillance). For the examination of the prostate, a common MRI contrast agent is administered to the patient during the examination, which is usually very well tolerated.

Further information

You can find further information on RaDiagnostiX - prostate -, on the participating doctors and covering the costs, at www.radiagnostix.de.

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