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Periradicular therapy (PRT)

Back pains are the most common reason for visiting a doctor. With younger patients, the complaints mostly appear due to a functional disturbance of the vertebral joints caused by improper or excessive stress. In later years, it is primarily the spinal column showing the signs of wear and tear (e.g. arthrosis). Poor posture and often one-sided strain on the spinal column can also lead to herniated discs (shifting of the intervertebral disc between the vertebral joints). In all cases, it leads to inflammatory processes and, in this way, to persistent pains and mobility restrictions. With the help of the image-guided back pain therapy it is possible to perform a targeted and effective treatment of back pains directly at the site of action - as a gentle alternative to surgical interventions.

Common causes of back pains

As a result of pressure or other irritation of the nerve root, for example, due to a herniated disc or wear-related bony narrowing of the nerve pathways, back pains and complaints in the supplying area of the affected nerve (radicular pains) may occur.

Furthermore, overstrain, inflammatory processes or increasing wear of the small intervertebral joints can also lead to severe back pains and complaints affecting the arm or the leg in a similar way as radicular pains (pseudo-radicular pains, facet syndrome).

Targeted image-guided back pain therapy

With spinal injections, the interventional radiology - the targeted medical treatment under safe and direct image control (under live conditions) - plays a great role. Since the sensitive spinal cord and nerve roots are located here, CT-guided injections offer a high level of security. So, nerve roots can be controlled by means of a puncture needle in quite a targeted way. The aim is to affect the so-called pain memory in the long-term (pain relief, reduction or nerve irritability) as well as the inhibition of inflammation and local increase in blood flow. The targeted treatment directly at the site of pain enables a quick effect at low doses of medication. 

Course of the examination

An ultra-thin hollow needle will be inserted with millimetre accuracy under CT-control. When the needle is properly positioned, the respective medication will be administered. The treatment is carried out in the supine position, under administration of a local anaesthetic, and takes just a few minutes. The therapy is almost painless and, as a rule, does not have any significant side effects. When required, the injections can be repeated several times without hesitation. Compared to it, the targeted image-guided back pain therapy is an extensive therapy method. It is reasonable to apply it in the case, if the usual methods of treatment die not bring the desired success. If you are interested, one of our doctors will give you non-binding advice, whether the therapy could be suitable for your situation.

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